Fractal Conversations

Fractal Conversations

Fractal Conversations are a facilitration tool which Organizational Mycology use with clients, we use the structure as a way to build interesting converstaions that start with human relationships and build-up toward leveraging the collective intelligence of groups and teams.

Beginning with one-on-one pairings, you get to know someone else from your organization, community, or the public. You work to better understand their background, perspectives and interests, building mutual empathy between both parties. Then you join that person as you merge into a group of four, and then eight people, working through prompts tailored to the goals of the group.

We conduct fractal conversations using Zoom and other web technologies, enabling us to capture the outcomes of each group (4, 8, 16). We work with you to tune specific prompts that help you work through a difficult topic, an avenue for organizational change, or other traditionally challenging topics. By using this step-wise structure of small, to larger and larger group sizes, we can mitigate groupthink and psychological framing that can often take place in large group conversations.

Fractal Conversations can become amazing 60-minute sessions that your community, staff, and stakeholders look forward to. They mix human relationship building, challenging topics, and opportunities for all voices to be heard.

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