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May, 2024 topic: Group Concept Mapping

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OTH is back in May for Group Concept Mapping

On May 14th and 21st, we’ll be running a two-part Oblique Thinking Hour(s) to explore the method of “Group Concept Mapping.” The technique involves a single prompt which everyone in the group will respond to on a very general topic that everyone is likely to be familiar with. We’ll then go through the process of “clustering” the responses, both together “as humans” and then on the second day using a natural language processing tool.

We are most interested in having a discussion about the similarities and differences between participant clustering and software tool clustering. While this is a familiar technique to many facilitators, we’re trying to bring the technique to multiple teams / organizations and synthesize similarities and differences across response groups. We’re also interested in how large groups of respondents and their responses can be analyzed at scale.

In week two we will look at week one's responses along with responses to our prompting question which will be sent out across social media channels and open science / collaborative networks we participate within.

We’re trialing this group facilitation technique to help us explore ideas with groups of people interested in particular topics and seeing where ideas overlap and diverge. We see this as potentially useful in companies, nonprofits and community organizations: As a knowledge-sharing exercise, as a future-forward planning process, or as a way of generating new ideas. Come join us and share your wisdom, and help us play and craft together.

One event, split over two sessions:

What people are saying about the Oblique Thinking Hour

Lovely. It was kind of like meditation, but social.
So cool! This felt like it opened my mind up in really fun ways.
A fun break from my normal world and topics!
Enjoyable and a little like a coffee shop chat!
This was so fun! I loved getting to meet people in this short, engaged way!
I'm already thinking of how to perhaps use these at work somehow. . .
Perfect little taste!

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June, 2023

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Using the future thinking card deck we co-created in May, we'll talk about the future of work, and break out into small groups to explore future scenarios together. Come share what you think work will be like in 10 years time. Think back to 2013, how did you think the world might be different in 2023? We'll be exercising our episodic future thinking muscles and collaboratively imagining what we want to see and what we want to avoid. It is not necessary to have attended the May event for you to come to this event.

April, 2023

Collaborative Oblique Problem Solving

In this Oblique Thinking Hour we'll demonstrate a collaborative problem solving technique that enables a group of any size to split into small groups, discuss shared capabilities and challenges, and feed their ideas into the larger group for discussion and synthesis. We'll be talking about general challenges and problems that anyone could relate to, but this technique can be used in any context. Come along, meet some people and have fun exploring with us!

March, 2023

Building Empathy Through Visual Intelligence

This workshop will use small group breakouts and prompting images to delve into how people think and see differently. In the process, you'll develop more empathy for how individual experiences and talents shape the way people see the world around them. You'll come away with at least one technique for surfacing and discussing these differences within your organization's teams.

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