About Us

About Us
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Organizational Mycology is a consulting group that collaborates with scientific and technical partners to generate and share actionable insights, empowering individuals and communities to create meaningful change.

Our work is guided by social science research skills and a background in organizational strategy. We draw from a variety of perspectives to foster interdisciplinary conversations and practices embracing systems-dynamic thinking and welcoming diverse perspectives.  

We believe in the power of openness, striving to work transparently and support open practices. Our goal is to create more value than we capture, ensuring sustainable growth and development.

Our approach is rooted in learning and adaptability, using an iterative and flexible research methodology. We embrace a growth mindset, learning from diverse, unconventional sources to offer innovative solutions tailored to each organization.

Inclusivity and participation are central to our work. We welcome and empower contributions from all stakeholders, elevate workers' voices, and support changemakers. We are committed to cultural sensitivity, aligning with the practices and languages of the communities we serve.

Recognizing the complexity of the real world, we avoid prescriptive solutions, providing support and resources instead. We highlight issues to address them collaboratively, setting the stage for meaningful discussions and fostering collaboration.

In addition to consulting, we curate and synthesize existing resources, creating new data and tools when necessary. By leveraging our expertise and partnerships, we co-create rich futures for organizations, enabling them to thrive in a dynamic world.

Who We Are

  • Dan Sholler, PhD
  • Beth Duckles, PhD
  • Jonah Duckles, M.S.

Contact us

[email protected]

Contact us at [email protected]