What is Organizational Mycology

Photo by Damir Omerović / Unsplash

Organizational Mycology, is a consulting group which considers the ways in which natural systems can teach us and help us run more effective organizations.

Inspired by fungus and slime molds, our team helps organizations navigate digital transformations, explore possible futures, and develop qualitative introspection. We are playful, inquisitive, and collaborative, working with clients and each other to craft content, experiences, and ways of thinking that can help organizations to thrive in complex and ever-changing futures.

Our website seeks to share content and interventions which can help you bring this Organizational Mycology mindset to your own work and organization. We're available for facilitation, strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative research and more!

Jonah Duckles

Jonah Duckles

Dunedin, New Zealand