Our work

Our work
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We bring the tools of qualitative research, long-term planning and strategic sustainability to bear on a wide range of teams and organizations worldwide. We've worked with community organizations, non-profits, universities, and corporations. The examples below give a small sampling of the kind of activities we engage with.

We publish and share reports we work on with open source organizations via Zenodo, have a look at the kinds of reports we can do for you and your team.

  • Data Science Investment Case – Market research for data science investment case, exploring a CI/CD tool developed by a niche data science consultancy. Their tool was being considered for a venture investment and the OM team worked to interview 10 data science practitioners about how they use and think about CI/CD in their workflows.
  • Governance of Open Source Software Projects - Qualitative study of four open source software projects, interrogating similarities and differences in how these projects incentivize and regulate contributions, build community, and scale the project. Aided in development of contribution guides, community calls, and review processes.
  • Adoption, Resistance, and Adaptation of New Technologies - Uncovering the factors that shape users’ decisions to adopt or resist new technologies in industries that include healthcare (electronic medical records), municipal government (records management systems), international development projects (banking software and educational technologies), and warehousing (AI-enabled robotics). The study included recording user perceptions pre-adoption, documenting their behaviors post-adoption, and assessing the impacts of these decisions/behaviors on implementation outcomes.
  • Landscape Analysis of High-Impact Communities – Working for a computer science nationally funded project in New Zealand, our team conducted research to list impact-driven organizations that this organization may want to emulate as they built a long-term sustainment plan for their work. This involved a global search, and research database creation of high-impact open science communities that enable and empower researchers worldwide.
  • Molecular Science Software Community / Strategy – our team worked for several months with a leading NSF funded open molecular science software team to explore past successes, strategize about future possibilities, and lay the foundations for a financially sustainable organization. This work involved weekly facilitated meetings with senior post-doctoral researchers on the team to empower them to co-design the organization they want to see in the future. We also helped them develop some market exploration for an industrial affiliated program which could be one leg of their sustainability strategies.
  • New Zealand Digital Collective - Working with team members to build a community around working openly on public-sector projects that can benefit society in Aotearoa. This has been early community-formation, strategy and culture forming work to ask what this community collectively wants to be, to accomplish, and to work on together.
  • Indigenous-inspired transformational change - Working with a transformational change consultancy to strategize and advise on the building of an engaged and interactive international community around their consulting practices. Scaling-up from a one-person consultancy to a broader global movement is beginning.
  • Industry Research - Designed and conducted multiple collaborative and highly sensitive internal research projects for a Fortune 100 technology company. Work involved gaining technical expertise, conducting interviews with subject matter experts, creating systems for collaborative data analysis and delivering impactful and visually engaging final products.
  • Mixed Methods Research Coaching - Coached individuals and research teams with a background in science, technology, engineering or the social impact sector on running mixed methods research projects. Delivered research assessments, mentored researchers, developed workflows, guided leadership and upskilled teams on methods, analytical skills and client presentations.
  • Facilitation - Drawing on a toolbox of facilitation skills and approaches to create impactful workshops across disciplines and projects.
  • Community Formation and Management - Founder and Co-Director of a peer support community for people with a PhD. Work included applying for and receiving grants, running workshops and community calls, and conducting community driven open research.
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Research Methods - Taught qualitative research methods within a fellowship for data equity among university data professionals and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) professionals.

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