What digital infrastructure empowers and enables you?

What digital infrastructure empowers and enables you?

Organizational Mycology would like your help completing the following sentence:

When I think of digital infrastructure that empowers and enables, I think of __________.

Using this link (or the form below) 👉🏼 Submit as many ideas as you’d like, and please share with your network–we’d like to get a wide variety of responses!

We’re using this quick open research to gather data about how we think about digital infrastructure and steps we can take to further empower and enable humans in the context of this infrastructure. Too often, digital infrastructures feel closed and constraining (think of trying to find the right “closed” online group to join, or feeling like there’s gatekeepers preventing you from fully engaging with a community). We’re trying to get as many examples of the opposite as possible so that we can identify the qualities of an empowering and enabling infrastructure, and imagine what it might take to create one. 

Next week we'll reconvene at an Oblique Thinking Hour to explore how machine clustering (using text embeddings, clustering, and evaluating the ability of an LLM to summarize the clusters and their responses) will work. This is an experimental session, and things could go wrong in the process, but we'd like to explore ways in which groups can synthesize and distill large community responses for ways to better understand problem spaces. We do this openly thorough our series called Oblique Thinking Hours. You can learn more and sign up for next week's session at https://orgmycology.com/oblique. All are welcome who agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Privacy Statement: We do not collect any identifiable information about responses, and we plan to collectively share all responses as a clustered map of open-ended responses. Clustered and aggregated responses are meant to support an open resource on varied perceptions and ideas around digital infrastructure and how it is seen to empower and enable people.

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